Alesha Dixon’s Beauty Therapist Lucy Mansell talks about the Benefits of Coconut Oil

So Lucy, tell us a little bit about yourself?

I started off as a beauty therapist fifteen years ago then went on to doing holistic therapies followed by sports & remedial massage, which is my speciality.  You could call me a Beauty/Holistic & Remedial Sports Therapist.  I have also done a course at the London school of osteopathy learning Neuro Muscular Re-education (NMR) which is a form of physiotherapy.

I came across coconut oil when researching alternative oils that contained less saturated fat for health benefits as I am an avid food conscious foodie.  I was also looking for an organic oil to use in my massage which was not sticky and which would have as many benefits for the skin as possible for my clients.  I did further investigation and decided coconut oil was a little gem which covered a multitude of uses.  My previous extended in-law family were from Sri Lanka and we used to eat a lot of Ceylon food which contained coconut oil, so it was a bonus that I liked and could recommend the taste.

I have used it for the last four years. I not only use it in massage, but in Dermalogica facials, manicures / pedicures, Hopi ear candling, Indian head massage and reflexology. I recommend it to my clients to help with dry hair, eczema, dry skin, as a food aid for high cholesterol, on toast, in smoothies , to fry with, in curries, in low sugar low fat cakes, for their pets health, as a face and hand moisturiser, for cracked heels and to use on their babies – to name but a few uses!

And how did you meet Alesha?

I approached Alesha at my local gym twelve years ago because I was a fan of her music.  We got along and she asked what I did.  Her mother came to see me for a massage that day.  The following day Alesha was recommended to come to me by her mother.  She came the same day.  The rest is history, and I now see her two or three times a month.  I recommended coconut oil to her and she loved it.  She uses it whenever she cooks and as a beauty product.  One tub for the kitchen, one for the bathroom.  That’s the way I like to promote it.

How often would you recommend to your clients that they use Coconoil on their skin or hair?

Coconut oil can be enjoyed and used daily both externally as a body product and ingested internally for diet.  Ideally I would have to speak to and see a client to assess how often to use coconut oil, as it depends on their skin type and condition i.e. how oily or dry the skin naturally is.  I would also use it overnight three times a week for dry hair as a leave-on conditioner, to be washed off the following morning.

Do you have any favourite recipes you use Coconoil for?

I have used Coconoil as a butter substitute in baking cakes, brownies and healthy flapjacks and carrot/banana breads and cakes.  I generally use a third less of the oil than butter, so you can reduce calories by using Coconoil too!  It is obviously suitable for vegans too which is great.  My partner uses it on toast and in smoothies. I also lightly fry eggs with it.  Adding coconut oil to curries instead of ghee or other oils adds a great texture, light aroma and coconut flavour.  Once melted it also makes a nice addition to home made hummous.






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