Virgin Coconut Oil Health Benefits

Once mistakenly categorised as an unhealthy oil due to its high saturated fat content, coconut oil is now widely known to provide many health benefits and is now recognised as a highly nutritious health food.

You’re probably wondering what makes coconut oil so good? What makes coconut oil so different from all other oils and how can a saturated fat be healthy?

Medium Chain Triglycerides

Well, it’s thanks to the unique form of saturated fats in coconut oil. All fats and oils are made from fatty acid molecules which can be categorised by saturation (saturated fats, monosaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats) and also by molecular size or length of the carbon chain within each fatty acid.

Fatty acids consist of long chains of carbon atoms with hydrogen atoms attached. Each chain can be subcategorised as short chain fatty acids, medium chain fatty acids and long chain fatty acids. The size of the fatty acid determines how our bodies respond and metabolise the fat intake. Almost all of the fats and oils found in our everyday diets, whether they are saturated or unsaturated or come from animals or plants, are composed of long chain fatty acids.

Coconut oil is structured with medium chain fatty acids, also known as medium chain triglycerides, which are now known to speed up the metabolism process and can lower the risk of both atherosclerosis and heart disease

Energy Boosting

We now know that thanks to its unique form of saturated fats, coconut oil isn’t stored in the body as fat but is actually used as a direct source of energy. In fact, many athletes and sports enthusiasts are now introducing the oil into their diets as part of their sports nutrition programme as an effective way of boosting energy levels.

Coconoil proudly supply some of the biggest sporting names in the industry including the England Rugby League team & England Rugby Union team! Try boosting your energy by adding coconut oil to smoothies, juice, protein drinks and even coffee! It’s will also aid muscle recovery post work out!

Heart Healthy

The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil, in particular lauric acid, can help to prevent common heart problems such as high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. There is now a wealth of evidence which indicates that early scepticism about coconut oil couldn’t be further from the truth!

Take a look at populations which consume high quantities of coconut oil, such as those living in Sri Lanka. You’ll notice that they are incredibly healthy people with a surprisingly low level of heart disease.

Supports Weight Loss

Coconut oil is the perfect aid for healthy weight loss thanks to its high content of, you guessed it, medium chain fatty acids. These unique chains allow the body to digest the fat with ease and tackle excess weight. The acids in coconut oil are rapidly absorbed by the liver and provide an instant boost of energy unlike the majority of fats and oils in our diet which are stored as fat. This process helps to stimulate the metabolism and aid weight loss!

Try introducing coconut oil into your diet to speed up your metabolism with just a tablespoon a day, working up to four teaspoons a day.

Healthy Digestion

Coconut oil’s saturated fats contain lots of antimicrobial properties which help the body to fight bacteria, fungi and parasites that can cause indigestion. The oil can also boost the body’s ability to absorb important nutrients including vitamins, minerals and amino acids leading to a strong immune system.

With a high content of antimicrobial lipids such as lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid, coconut oil has amazing anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits.

Our body converts lauric acid (almost 50% of the fatty acids found in coconut oil are these) into monolaurin, which studies show can help fight diseases such as herpes, flu and even HIV.

“Initial trials have confirmed that coconut oil does have an anti-viral effect and can beneficially reduce the viral load of HIV patients”, University of the Philippines’ Emeritus professor of pharmocology Dr. Conrato S. Dayrit said.

Heal Wounds

Smooth coconut oil onto a cut or burn and it will form a protective barrier against dirt and bacteria. The oil will also help to speed up the healing process of damaged tissue.

Try it for yourself; clean the infected area first and then apply a small amount of oil over the wound.

Brain Boosting

Experts have found that the ketone bodies in coconut oil supply extra energy to the brain, even to damaged brain cells. A regular intake of coconut oil will ensure that your brain and body will perform at its best. There is also evidence that this oil can also ease the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. An American doctor, Dr Mary Newport, reported that she saw a dramatic difference in her husband’s Alzheimer’s when she gave him coconut oil daily for just two weeks. Indeed, some Coconoil customers have also reported a positive effect on Alzheimer’s.

Sports Nutrition

Our very own Coconoil virgin coconut oil hit the small screen on ITV! ITV approached the Sale Sharks rugby squad having found out that Coconoil supply the team with coconut virgin oil as part of their sports nutrition programme. Research has shown that the unique MCT’s found in 100% natural virgin coconut oil is used […]

Health & Beauty

Coconut oil is great for the whole family including your pets and with Coconoil virgin coconut oil, you know you’re enjoying 100% natural goodness Introduce Coconoil to your daily well being regime Coconoil virgin coconut oil is free from dangerous chemicals and harsh toxins, making it the perfect natural beauty product. Each drop is packed […]

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