New: Coconoil Africa 9.2kg Jerrycan

Introducing the Coconoil Africa Jerrycan!

Due to popular demand, we have recently introduced a 9.2kg option to the Coconoil Africa range of virgin coconut oil.

The new sized jerrycan will sit in between the 4.6kg tub and 12.5 kg tub of Coconoil Africa.

Wild crafted, Coconoil Africa is produced from a sustainable co-operative coconut growing project base in Ghana, West Africa. Our African range was the first to be imported to the UK and has since proved to be hugely popular among our Coconoilers!

Around 200 small holders participate in the wild harvesting of coconuts for Coconoil Africa during which the meat is extracted in the jungle itself before it is transported back to the village by foot.

Back in one of the participating villages, the meat is broken down and mixed with water so it can be hand-pressed. The oil and water mixture is left to settle for 24 hours during which time the best of the oil rises to the top of the mixture. It is this high quality oil that makes Coconoil Africa. The remaining nutritional oil is utilised locally and is either pumped back into fish ponds or sent to local market gardens.

To find out more about the Coconoil range contact us on 0161 439 9988. You can join in on the conversation @Coconoil and on our facebook page, be sure to look out for our exclusive offers!


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