Coconoil for healthy hair and skin

Unlike many synthetic health and beauty products, Coconoil is natural and organic with many benefits for healthy skin and hair. Coconut oil for hair and skin

Here are some of the advantages of using coconut oil on your skin:

Naturally moisturises: By improving lipid content in the skin, coconut oil softens and moisturises with excellent results. Coconut oil does not clog pores which allows skin to breathe, making it ideal for everyday use.

Cleans the face: Coconut oil assists in exfoliating by softening dead skin cells to leave a smooth and supple finish. Spread coconut oil on the skin and leave for a minute, rinse off thoroughly to reveal soft, exfoliated skin.

Removes make up naturally: Coconut oil removes make up easily and without damaging the skin. It even removes waterproof mascara without causing irritation or with excessive scrubbing.

Coconut oil is arguably the best multipurpose treatment for hair. In fact, many hair products on the market today use coconut oil as a base ingredient. Here are some of the hair benefits coconut oil provides:

Conditions dry hair: Coconut oil conditions the hair and the scalp with its rich moisturising qualities. Furthermore, coconut oil prevents hair breakage and split ends.

Retains hair moisture: Coconut oil is ideal for achieving strong, well nourished hair. It protects hair from heat, impurities and environmental elements to keep a shiny and healthy look.

Replenishes nutrients and helps avoid dandruff: Coconut oil is rich in iron, vitamin E and vitamin K which are nourishing for the hair and scalp and reduce the possibility of dandruff.


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