Healthy Piri Piri Butterfly Chicken Burger!!!

Healthy Piri Piri Butterfly Chicken Burger! Healthy doesn’t have to be boring! I often struggle with adding different meals to my diet and changing it up to make it more exciting whilst helping me to stay focused! Then I came across this recipe and loved it so much, I have to share it with you […]

Healthy Winter Comfort Food

It’s that time of year when all you want to do is eat comfort food, here is a solution where you can have both options, with a warm winter dinner that you have been craving all day in the dark and cold, but also an extremely healthy alternative! Cottage pie is a classic winter dinner […]

Superfood Brunch Recipe

I’m often asked what to do with green powders – spirulina, matcha green tea, wheatgrass powder etc.  They are all very strong in flavour so can overpower a lot of recipes (you may like the flavour, in which case that’s fine, spoon it in!!), so using them sparingly is normally best. They all have slightly […]

Clean and Lean for Longer

Eating clean is so much easier if you’ve planned ahead and shopped well. And keeping lean and fit does take a little effort, but it can be incorporated into your daily life. So instead of going to the same supermarket, walking the same route and picking up the same foods, try shopping in smaller, individual […]

A Clean Start to your Day

So in your new bid to eat clean, starting the day with a good breakfast is key. Not only to kick-start your metabolism, but also to ensure your blood sugar levels stay in control and to stop mid-morning cravings. Including protein and healthy fat in every meal and snack plays a hugely important role in […]

Foodie Blogs to Follow – uses for your Coconoil coconut oil

  If you’re struggling to find tasty new recipes for your Coconoil, we’ve put together a few of our favourite foodie blogs to help. There is so much information about food and healthy eating on the internet, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start! Thinking about your favourite foods may be a good starting […]

More delicious paleo recipes

  Following on from last weeks’ blog all about Paleo, we have two more delicious recipes from Rebecca Field of Paleo Diet and Fitness – enjoy!   Coco-Choc Bites Servings: 15 individual bites Preparation Time: 20 minutes Chilling Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes Total Time: 1 hour and 50 minutes Ingredients 75g cashew nuts […]

Coconoil and the Paleo Diet

This week we have a guest blog from the founder of website and blog Paleo Diet and Fitness and the author of “Introduction to Paleo” and “Paleo: 12 Weeks to Change Your Life.” Rebecca Field has been following a Paleo diet since 2009 and says ‘it has simply changed my life. I am fitter, healthier, […]

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