Eat Healthy This Year With Coconoil Virgin Coconut Oil

A new year a new you, kick start your healthy new year, and, step into your healthy new year. You’ve heard them all right? These are the annual headlines which dominate the news, lifestyle websites and blogs every January. Well here’s one you will want to try, love and one you will be able to stick to.

Eat Healthy This Year! And the best way to do that? Simply adapt your cooking and use virgin coconut oil instead of regular fats and oils. It really is that simple.

Every day we welcome new customers, or ‘coconoilers‘, to Coconoil and for that we thank you. This blog is dedicated to you, if you’re that person who is researching in the mine field of information about coconut oil or if you have just received your first delivery of Coconoil and don’t quite know what to cook, you have come to the right place.

Coconut oil is becoming increasingly recognised as a uniquely healthy cooking agent. Don’t worry, that wasn’t a typo. Virgin coconut oil, contains a unique composition of fatty acids which distinguish it from the saturated fats found in meat and vegetable oils.

As a Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil, it is rapidly absorbed in the digestive system, carried by the portal vein to the liver where it is oxidised. To me and you that basically means that virgin coconut oil is not stored in the way that other fats are stored; it is instead converted into energy. That is why, to the sporting world it has become legendary. There are many more health benefits too, check out what Dr Bruce Fife has in this video.

Used for decades in the tropical regions, it is perfect for everything from coffee and smoothies, to home-made chips and desserts. With a mildly sweet flavour and a subtle nutty hint you can not only eat healthy but transform your cooking too!

We always say that the best way to start cooking with virgin coconut oil is to experiment. Why not try a stir fry or curry to start with and before you know it you will grilling, roasting and baking.

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