Foodie Blogs to Follow – uses for your Coconoil coconut oil



If you’re struggling to find tasty new recipes for your Coconoil, we’ve put together a few of our favourite foodie blogs to help. There is so much information about food and healthy eating on the internet, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start!

Thinking about your favourite foods may be a good starting point, or maybe there are foods you want to avoid?

We obviously starting looking for bloggers that loved cooking with coconut oil, or gave us some great ideas on how to use it – Wellness Mama gives 101 uses for coconut oil, as well as some really interesting recipes, mostly aimed towards families.

Maybe you are following a Paleo diet like many others – avoiding foods such as wheat and dairy? PaleOMG is a great blog, with lots of guest bloggers sharing their recipes too, so gives a lot of information from a huge number of sources.

Another recent food fad is ‘Power bowl’ food – bowls of nutrient-dense ingredients that will help to boost your energy levels – just Google ‘power bowl recipes’ and you will be inundated with blogs and recipes! Blissful Basil is one we like – lots of colourful vegetarian recipes, full of great nutrients.

And finally a little indulgence – a recipe for making your own coconut oil body butter! Little Green Dot is a blog that helps you to live a natural life, making instead of buying and using great, wholesome, natural ingredients for a more healthy life.

This is obviously just a tiny example of the blogs that are out there – we’d love to hear of your favourite ones too – please let us know through Twitter or our Facebook page.



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