Healthy Winter Comfort Food

It’s that time of year when all you want to do is eat comfort food, here is a solution where you can have both options, with a warm winter dinner that you have been craving all day in the dark and cold, but also an extremely healthy alternative! Cottage pie is a classic winter dinner that everyone loves!

Coconoil will be posting quick, easy and simple recipes that will be ideal for this winter; you will not even have to go shopping in the cold and wet, as most of the ingredients will already be in your kitchen cupboards! You can find these recipes on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter page.

The benefits of using Coconoil in your recipes and meals is that not only does it taste great, but additionally there are also an abundance of health benefits that include energy boosting, healthy heart, supports weight loss, healthy digestion, heal wounds, brain boosting, stronger nails, shinier hair and teeth whiting.

Today’s recipe- Cottage Pie


1 large sweet potato, peeled and chopped into large chunks 
1 tbsp of Coconoil 
3 spring onions 
1 carrot grated 
1 red chilli de seeded and chopped 
240g lean beef mince 
1 tbsp flour 
50g frozen peas 
150ml beef stock 
3 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 
Salt and pepper for seasoning


Boil the potatoes in a for 8 minutes until soft.
Add Coconoil to the pan with the carrot spring onion and chilli for 30 seconds – Push the veg to the side and cook the mincemeat until it’s brown.
Sprinkle the flour onto the meat then stir the ingredients together.
Add the peas and beef stock to the pan – Reduce the heat and stir until the sauce has thickened.
Remove from the heat then add the Worcestershire sauce
Mash the sweet potato
Then add the mince meat mixture to a plate and add the sweet potato mash on top
Finish with seasoning it with salt and pepper for more favouring 

There you have it healthy cottage pie! It looks fantastic and tastes delicious!

Why not try Coconoil today?


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