Increase Your Metabolism With Coconoil

Try gradually introducing coconut oil into your diet and combine it with other nutritious foods and exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle and achieve your goals!

Just a few years ago we all thought that fats were terribly unhealthy and contribute to heart disease. We now know that simply isn’t true. In fact, more and more studies have proven that some fats can actually have a positive effect on your health, after all fat is a fundamental part of our diet.

There are actually many different types of fat and, in layman’s terms, they can actually categorised depending upon their length of carbon chain; long fatty acids, medium chain fatty acids and short chain fatty acids.

As previously published in this blog post, Dr Bruce Fife said: “About 97 per cent of the fats and oil in our diets are composed of long chain fatty acids, coconut oil is unique in that it is composed, predominately, of medium chain fatty acids.

“It is these medium chain fatty acids that give coconut oil most of its unique health properties which make it different to from the saturated fats you will find in meat and vegetable oils.”

As a medium chain fatty acid, otherwise known as Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT), virgin coconut oil can speed up your bodies’ natural metabolism process, making it the healthiest fat to have in your diet!

How does it do that? Well, medium chain fatty acids are easily digested and converted into energy instead of being stored in the body as fat like long-chain fatty acids which are much more difficult for the body to break down.

Another contributing factor is that it slows down the overall digestion of food which will make you feel fuller for longer, you’ll be less prone to snacking between meals and over eating! This is also an ideal ingredient for detox diets as it cleanses and nourishes our body, as well as balances our digestive tract.

If you are considering incorporating coconut oil into your diet solely to lose weight, the amount of pounds you’ll lose will depend on your overall diet as well as your exercise regime. The healthiest way to drop those pounds is to go about it in a slow and steady fashion, this will also help you to maintain your weight loss.

To increase your metabolism, be sure to use organic or virgin products. By using it in its most pure form you will allow your body to soak up all of the unique and natural goodness it has to offer. It will also ensure that you have a healthy start to your journey of weight loss.

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