Make 2015 a happy and healthy New Year

Coconoil virgin coconut oil share some thoughts on New Year resolutions.

Sure, the alarm clock this morning was a shock to the system following a couple of care-free weeks off work and you’re probably not the only one avoiding your bank balance at the moment but it really is January 2015 – the start of a new week, at the beginning of a new month in a brand New Year.

You may or may not be a New Year resolution kind of person but I’d like to share with you a graphic which we posted on the Coconoil facebook page a few of months back – this motivational graphic is brilliant and, best of all, true.

For many, today marks the first day back to work after the Christmas break and the onset of the annual January Blues. Whilst some will have set themselves ambitious goals to loose weight and get fit there are not nearly enough people that will be making subtle changes to their daily routine that really would improve their life.

Ladies, the Mail Online recently posted a brilliant article with 31 daily tips to beat the January Blues: Upgrade your underwear drawer, smile at strangers and read your child a bedtime story.

As for the guys, you can’t go wrong with this list of seven simple resolutions you can stick to on Mens Fitness.

If nothing else, think positively, work hard, stay strong, worry less and be happy. Of course, moisturising with Coconoil virgin coconut oil and coconut oil smoothies go without saying!


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