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COCONOIL AFRICA is produced from sustainable sources.

Coconoil Africa is a cold pressed, fermented virgin coconut oil produced form traditionally grown palms in Ghana on the West Coast of Africa.

Coconoil is delighted to partner five village co-operatives who work together in a sustainable coconut-growing project.

Eco-friendly farming practices, which include recycling the husks into a natural fertiliser, produce abundant crops of quality coconuts

Using ancient and traditional methods of cold pressing and fermentation the coconut flesh is transformed into a wonderful and healthy virgin coconut oil.

The sustainability is further enhanced through the intelligent use of all by-products of the virgin coconut oil production process to feed livestock, fish and fertilise market gardens. Additionally, biogas for the villages is produced from the livestock waste thus protecting the environment from deforestation caused by firewood collection.

Coconoil Africa is an excellent virgin coconut oil for cooking, hair & skincare. Due to the fermentation process used Coconoil Africa is especially gut friendly as well as containing all the nutritional and well-being properties of a high quality virgin coconut oil.



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