Picked Pressed and Packed at Origin – The Story

The Story… “Picked Pressed and Packed at Origin!!!”

Coconoil® is a small family business with big ambition! We are wanting to spread the “Picked Pressed and Packed at Origin” message with everyone’s support by getting people and businesses involved. As we are passionate about our product and the way it is uniquely produced we want to create a movement to educate people that not all coconut oils are the same and also to encourage people to buy ethically produced goods.

The Coconoil® brand of virgin coconut oil was founded by ex-Save The Children Fund field director Garry Stiven, following a visit to Sri Lanka in the immediate aftermath of the 2004 tsunami to help with emergency relief work, he was shocked by the vast devastation and quickly realised that it would take many years for the worst hit areas to recover.
After gathering his thoughts and reading a well-placed magazine article on the health benefits of coconut oil he found a way to help the Sri Lankan people for the long term and created an export market for the country, bringing in new revenue, boosting the economy and creating sustainable employment.

Prior to this time the virgin coconut oil from Sri Lanka had a limited market for cosmetic production in Italy and was not available in the UK. Having found a supplier, he returned to the UK and became the first UK importer of Sri Lankan virgin coconut oil, under the brand name Coconoil® based in the peak district town of Glossop. Garry who has over 40 years’ experience in the export and sales sector now runs the business along with his business partner Frank Andrew, his son Daniel Stiven, his daughter Amy Stiven, retail expert Karen Landells and Camilla Chandley financial guru.

Ethical Excellence!!!…help us at Coconoil® Virgin Coconut Oils spread our “Picked, Pressed and Packed at Origin” message through education, communication and participation. By “picking pressing and packing at origin” we aim to produce the highest quality and most ethically produced virgin coconut oil possible. This method of production maximizes local employment not only in the coconut industry but also in the packing, printing and other associated industries involved in exporting virgin coconut oil from Sri Lanka, thus ensuring the maximum income stays in the country of origin.

There are lots of “Coconut Oils” available on the market today, however, the vast majority of brands available in the UK today import bulk packed oil in either drums or 1,000 litre Intermediate Bulk Carriers. As the oil solidifies in transit it is then necessary for these companies to reheat and melt the oil in order to facilitate packing into retail containers. This reheating has been scientifically proven by independent laboratories to accelerate the rancidity process whilst also negating the benefits of cold pressing. We at Coconoil® are eager to demonstrate our individuality and uniqueness as being the company who has their oil “Picked, Pressed and Packed at Origin” and has done so since our inception. This ethically motivated beginning has, and always will be, the bedrock of the Coconoil® culture. In order to maintain the highest ethical standards, we “Pick, Press and Pack Coconoil®” in its country of origin. By following this practice, we endeavour to create the most socially responsible business conditions possible for all concerned in the Coconoil® supply chain from growers to final consumers.

At Coconoil® we “Pick, Press and Pack at Origin” to:

• produce finest quality Virgin Coconut Oil possible by maximising freshness, aroma and taste,
• create more employment both directly and indirectly in the countries of origin improving overall living standards,
• increase GDP in the host country’s by adding over 100% added value to the coconut harvest and;
• minimise Carbon Footprint of the coconut industry on a Global basis as no reheating is needed for packing.

As a well established company we already have many followers who rate our product and support us in our ethical stance including Dr Graeme Close Olympic Nutritionist, David Dunne Performance Nutritionist for Team Wiggins, Matt Lovell Elite Sports Nutritionist, Dr David Frape Mammalian Physiologist and Editor of World Agriculture, Alesha Dixon Celebrity, Andy Peters Media Producer, Tiny Tempah Celebrity and Amy Williams Olympic Medalist.



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