The Healing Power of Coconoil

Karen Maidment Health & Nutrition Specialist, Personal Cookery Coach, Author.

Fats Debunking the Myths – animal and vegetable fats (such as butter and coconut oil) are the essential building blocks for cell membrane, hormones and hormone like substances. They offer the most concentrated source of energy for the body. Fats actually keep you full up for longer; this means we need to eat less often to have good sustained physical energy and mental focus.

Saturated animal fats are hugely beneficial for facilitating healing, enhancing the immune system and protecting the liver from toxins. They are vital for the transportation of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, our anti-aging free radical fighting vitamins.

Low fat diets have actually been linked to many health problems such as low energy, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, hormonal imbalances and depression.

Excerpt taken from Meals that Heal Inflammatory Healthcare & Free From Cooking


Coconoil, The Healing Fat – I use Coconoil in my clinical practise as a true whole food supplement and love seeing the healing benefits it produces in my clients.

Here are my Six Insider Secrets to get you started!

1) Coconoil is highly stable at a range of temperatures which means that it is safe to use for frying, browning, roasting and baking. It can be used hot in cooking or cold in smoothies, added to soups and stews.

2) Coconoil contains around 50% Lauric Acid which is one of the main immune boosting properties of mother’s milk. Lauric Acid has antimicrobial and antifungal properties making it an essential addition to your diet when suffering from digestive complaints. Its soothing and stabilising properties help to speed up healing in the digestive tract.

3) Coconoil helps to regulate blood sugar by encouraging healing of the insulin producing cells in the pancreas.

4) Coconoil helps keep you full up for longer. Low fat diets, which have been the norm for many years, can lead to a lack of satiety causing binge eating as your brain attempts to maintain balance, searching for this vital macronutrient.

5) Coconoil helps increases metabolism.

6) Coconoil is an ideal butter substitute for lactose intolerant individuals.

I love cooking with Coconoil in all sorts of wonderful ways. Here is one of my favourite Sweet Treat recipes for you to indulge in!

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