Boost Your Body And Brain With Virgin Coconut Oil

The Daily Mail has today reported that a revolutionary new sports drink available from next year will boost sporting performance, aid weight loss and may even hold back Alzheimer’s disease.

The Daily Mail Article

Sound familiar? Well the report goes on to reveal that the new sports drink, branded DeltaG is in fact based on coconut oil.

That’s right, initially to be exclusively launched for high-performance athletes, this new sports drink utilises the goodness of coconut oil which will provide an extra supply of energy by burning fat once the body has used up its store of glucose.

Now we all know that these are just some of the amazing health benefits of virgin coconut oil, so there is no need to wait until next year for this revolutionary new sports drink because you are already enjoying the benefits of Coconoil!

Many of our loyal customers are already mixing their virgin coconut oil into their drinks, such as coffee and smoothies, as an easy source of energy.

James Bray, Team GB Triathlete, swears by it: “I will always have Coconoil in my morning cup of coffee I train. A teaspoon in my coffee does wonders for my performance.”

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