Virgin Coconut Oil Pulling – Dental Care

If you didn’t already know, virgin coconut oil is a great antibacterial, anti-fungal agent which makes it perfect for fighting tooth decay and protecting the enamel.

Teeth are important to a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle; no-one can say that they have enjoyed a toothache or tooth extraction. Dental care is, therefore, an expensive necessity but luckily for you, Coconoil virgin coconut oil offers a perfect inexpensive approach to dental hygiene.

Simply massaging the oil over your teeth and gums after brushing will do wonders to your dental health and hygiene.

Oil pulling is another dental care technique, currently very popular in every corner of Google. The technique itself is over 1000 years old and will help to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Essentially this technique simply involves swishing high quality coconut oil around your mouth in a similar way in which you would with a mouth wash.

The oil quite literally pulls away bacteria from your teeth and gums and the antibacterial properties will help to reduce the harmful bacteria in your mouth such as Streptococcus Mutans which is known to cause gingivitis, plaque and tooth decay.

Give Oil Pulling A Go:

Scoop out some virgin coconut oil on to a spoon, anything between half to a full table spoon is ideal, and then put it into your mouth. Once the oil has fully melted in your mouth start swirling, swishing and pulling in and around your teeth and gums.

The longer you do this the better but anywhere between 5-20 minutes will cleanse your mouth beautifully. Try taking a shower whilst you are swishing and swooshing, it’s also the perfect time to relax and cleanse the mind too! Once you are done, dispose of the oil down the toilet, avoid spitting it down the sink as it may solidify and clog your drain.

Brush your teeth as you normally would and then finally rinse your mouth with cold water, your mouth should then feel beautifully cleansed and fresh.

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