Healthy Piri Piri Butterfly Chicken Burger!!!

Healthy Piri Piri Butterfly Chicken Burger! Healthy doesn’t have to be boring! I often struggle with adding different meals to my diet and changing it up to make it more exciting whilst helping me to stay focused! Then I came across this recipe and loved it so much, I have to share it with you […]

Coconoil January Sale quick whilst stocks last!!!

We have an exciting new sale on our Coconoil products! To help you to kick-start the New Year, which will aid you to achieve your goals and reach your full potential. Whether it’s losing a little Christmas weight or trying to maintain a balanced healthy diet. The Coconoil sale offers a 20% discount on orders […]

Healthy Winter Comfort Food

It’s that time of year when all you want to do is eat comfort food, here is a solution where you can have both options, with a warm winter dinner that you have been craving all day in the dark and cold, but also an extremely healthy alternative! Cottage pie is a classic winter dinner […]

Coconut Oil Is ‘A Gift From The Gods’ – Kelly Osbourne

The purple haired star took to her blog last week to share her top tips for making the most of coconut oil. The 29 year-old star just can’t get enough of the stuff according to her recent blog post which has now been published on The Sun Daily, part of The Sun Media. Kelly wrote: “Ladies, […]

Increase Your Metabolism With Coconoil

Try gradually introducing coconut oil into your diet and combine it with other nutritious foods and exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle and achieve your goals! Just a few years ago we all thought that fats were terribly unhealthy and contribute to heart disease. We now know that simply isn’t true. In fact, more […]

Treating Dry Hair

There are an endless amount of things that can cause damage to your hair from blow-drying and perming to brushing, colouring and bleaching. All of this can leave your hair feeling dry and coarse and can even leave you with split ends. If this sounds familiar and you have run out of options on how […]

New: Coconoil Africa 460g Glass Jar

Introducing the 460g glass jar of Coconoil Africa virgin coconut oil! Just over a month ago the Coconoil Africa jerrycan went on sale, whilst perfect for stocking up we appreciate that not everyones’ kitchen cupboard can withstand 9.2kg of African coconut oil! Now, with the introduction of the smaller, more manageable 460g glass jar, everyone can […]

New: Coconoil Africa 9.2kg Jerrycan

Introducing the Coconoil Africa Jerrycan! Due to popular demand, we have recently introduced a 9.2kg option to the Coconoil Africa range of virgin coconut oil. The new sized jerrycan will sit in between the 4.6kg tub and 12.5 kg tub of Coconoil Africa. Wild crafted, Coconoil Africa is produced from a sustainable co-operative coconut growing […]

10% Off Coconoil 920g Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconoil are currently offering an exciting 10% off their 920g tubs of virgin coconut oil, ahead of the festive season. And the best bit? This offer is in addition to the existing multi-buy discounts! The more you buy the more you save, so why not take advantage and stock up on your favourite virgin coconut […]

Coconoil Movember Competitions: Some Tache’ing Entries!

Last month we asked you to send us your tache pictures as part of a series of Movember competitions which saw use give away £147.00 worth of Coconoil virgin coconut oil! We had entries from mo bearing kids and even pets! Ladies you didn’t let us down either, with some brilliant fictitious tache creations. As […]

Garry Talks Longevity, Sustainability And The Environment

We caught up with Garry Stiven, founder of Coconoil virgin coconut oil, to find out more about the product and it’s environmental impact. “Cold pressed virgin coconut oil contains the highest nutrient content of any product extracted from the coconut tree making it hugely land efficient as a food source. We therefore do not sell any […]

Fuelling England Rugby League With Coconoil

Coconoil is delighted to supply the England Rugby League team with Coconoil certified virgin coconut oil throughout the Rugby League World Cup 2013. Increasingly accepted as the best natural source to boost the body and brain ahead of any sporting event, Coconoil is the fuel of choice for our boys on the pitch as they […]

Movember 2013: Coconoil Tache Competition

The annual moustache-growing month, previously known as November, is upon on us and we are pleased to announce that we will be running tache competitions throughout Movember in support of your sprouting facial hair. It’s simple, all you have to do is post a picture of your blossoming tache on our facebook page or tweet […]

The Truth About Saturated Fats

Saturated fats have hit the headlines this week after experts reveal the truth behind the saturated fat myth. Indeed, the team at Coconoil got somewhat excited yesterday because we have long preached that certain saturated fats are good for your health. Dr Malhotra, a cardiology registrar at Croydon University Hospital told the BBC: “The mantra […]

Boost Your Body And Brain With Virgin Coconut Oil

The Daily Mail has today reported that a revolutionary new sports drink available from next year will boost sporting performance, aid weight loss and may even hold back Alzheimer’s disease. Sound familiar? Well the report goes on to reveal that the new sports drink, branded DeltaG is in fact based on coconut oil. That’s right, initially to be exclusively […]

Virgin Coconut Oil Pulling – Dental Care

If you didn’t already know, virgin coconut oil is a great antibacterial, anti-fungal agent which makes it perfect for fighting tooth decay and protecting the enamel. Teeth are important to a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle; no-one can say that they have enjoyed a toothache or tooth extraction. Dental care is, therefore, an expensive necessity but […]

The Health Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil – Dr Bruce Fife

Coconoil is quickly growing to become a widely recognised brand recommended by some of the biggest names in celebrity culture including, Tinie Tempah, Alesha Dixon and the Senior England Rugby Team. Why? Because of its versatility and amazing health benefits! But don’t just take our word for it: International health and nutrition expert Dr Bruce […]

The beneficial effects of Virgin Coconut Oil for Alzheimers and Dementia.

A huge THANK YOU to Anita Thornley for her immensely helpful brainwave in our quest to publicise the beneficial effects of Virgin Coconut Oil for Alzheimers and Dementia. Anita has been instrumental in helping me set up a meeting in London tomorrow with Kal Parmar who’s Father was the subject of the excellent article by […]

New From Coconoil!! Great Value 4.6kg Plastic Jar!! Introductory Offer £5.00 off RRP

            COCONOIL AFRICA is produced from sustainable sources. Coconoil Africa is a cold pressed, fermented virgin coconut oil produced form traditionally grown palms in Ghana on the West Coast of Africa. Coconoil is delighted to partner five village co-operatives who work together in a sustainable coconut-growing project. Eco-friendly farming practices, […]

Increase your Metabolism with Coconut Oil

The majority of coconut oil is made up of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA’s) which can help speed up our bodies’ natural metabolism process, making it the healthiest fat to have in our diets. The reason why it does this is because the medium chain fatty acids present in the oil are easily digested and […]


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