Why The Little Health Company use Coconoil in COCO Hair


When The Little Health Company decided to expand into hair products we knew our hair oil had to use coconut oil as one of the primary ingredients. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest types of oil, providing a high dose of healthy fats which nourish both your skin and your hair. But, as people who have worked in the health industry and tried many things in our own journey towards better health, we know that not all coconut oil is created equally.

We wanted two big things for our flagship hair product COCO Hair : the purest coconut oil possible, made without bleaching or other chemical processing, and an ethical supplier whose values line up with our own. More importantly, those values had to line up with our customers’ values. Our customers don’t just want to avoid the nasty chemicals found in traditional beauty products, they want to shop responsibly. They want to contribute to companies who are making the world a better place, not the massive corporations who simply seek out profit at any cost.

After many hours of research it became clear that if we wanted ethically, sustainably harvested coconut oil from only the highest quality coconuts Coconoil should be our first choice. Since the wider world has become aware of coconut oil’s health properties, many companies—even those with high quality products—exploit people in developing nations where coconuts are common. Other companies offer fair trade products but don’t care about the sustainability of their harvesting methods.

At The Little Health Company, we believe ethics is about more than how you treat your customers or even your employees. It’s about how you treat your environment, how you work to help the community at large. Coconoil was the only brand that met all of our concerns about ethics and still produced an excellent product with a proven track record.

Coconoil is also one of the few companies that doesn’t put its coconut oil through any kind of chemical process or bleaching. This is crucial because we wanted our product to be as close to the original source as possible. Purity ensures that you get the highest number of nutrients, causing the most dramatic effects on skin or hair.

One purchase was enough for us to fall in love. There are many companies selling coconut oil these days, but we’ve learned that Coconoil is the oldest coconut oil seller in the UK for a good reason. This oil works wonders on its own, and it’s made our COCO Hair formula perfect not only for hair growth but for better looking hair.

Thanks to the power of Coconoil combined with vitamin E, avocado, sweet almond, macadamia and castor, COCO Hair has become one of our most popular products. Because we’ve chosen to use naturally nourishing ingredients instead of manmade chemicals, customers of every hair type love COCO Hair. Many consider it the best hair product they’ve ever used. The combination of ingredients also makes it smell great compared to other hair care products.

We’re thrilled to say we’d recommend Coconoil to anyone looking to trade their olive oil in for coconut oil and improve their health—and we’re going to keep using it in our COCO Hair oil for a long time.



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