Fighting Fit


So, how many of you have signed up to do your first 10K run this year, or maybe your first marathon? Well, even though your event may be a few months away you obviously need to think about your training now – getting yourself fit and ready through the winter months will make your race day far more enjoyable.
Planning your training is important, to ensure you get the most out of it. So make sure you have a long-term plan that can then be broken down into monthly or weekly targets. There are lots of websites that can help with this if you are unsure how to plan your training.
If you feel you could improve with better technique maybe join a local running club (or cycling/swimming if that is your sport), and ask for help and advice from others.
It’s obviously much harder to get outside and train on cold days, but be sure you have dressed appropriately and warmed up before starting and you should reap the benefits.
Keeping a training diary is really useful, to see how you improve, what works for you, and it is also a reminder of what you did when you train again in future years. Along side this a food diary is also helpful – knowing which foods helped you to recover from a training bout, which gave you good enery levels etc., and once you learn it in training then race day should be easier. Never try anything new on race day – always practice what you are going to do or eat on your training days.
One more piece of advice, never train or race when you are not 100% fit and healthy – this will only put you back even further. Be patient, get well, then go out there and win!



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